Beer Abby #52 - One Year of Magic Bru, Lucky You!

BEER ABBY #49: 2012 London Olympics, Doctor Who, Charlie Sheen

BEER ABBY 48: Dark Knight Rises Movie, Diverticulosis, Exercise Tips

Beer Abby #47: Comic-Con, Mac vs. Windows, Paper tips and tricks, and the Spider-Man movie


BEER ABBY 45: "Spider-Man Movie, Hockey, Basketball, Comic-Con and Cross-Country With Kids"

BEER ABBY #44: “ Rodney King, L.A. Kings, Charlie Sheen and Before Watchmen”

Beer Abby #43 - Rock of Ages musical, Tips, Scams, Abe Lincoln and Vampires

BEER ABBY #42: “Abortion, Automobiles, Hatfields, McCoys, L.A. Kings, Jersey Devils, Prometheus and Promiscuity”

Bru-Hed’s BEER ABBY #41: “Huntsman, Gay Green Lantern and Ray Bradbury”

BEER ABBY 40: "Kathy Lee Gifford Gaffe, Battleship Bust, Celebrity Apprentice and Cleaning Combs"

BEER ABBY 39: "Battleship Movie, Dark Shadows, Filipino artists, Kardashian baby"

BEER ABBY #38: “AVENGERS box-office, Facebook IPO, Goober, Sendak and Onions ”

BEER ABBY #37: “Facebook IPO, The Avengers & Monkeying With The Monkees ”

BEER ABBY #36: “NFL Draft, Andrew Luck, THE AVENGERS, Free Comic Book Day and man butter”

BEER ABBY #35: “Beer Bellies, Making Comics and Safe Truffles”

BEER ABBY 34: Fracking Moebius, Three Stooges Movie and Sore Throat Suggestions

BEER ABBY #33: Three Stooges Movie, Best Buy Vs. Amazon, and Annoying Voice-Activated Customer Service

Bru-Hed’s BEER ABBY #32: “Hunger Games Hottie, Easter Eggs, Snow White and the Dwarfed Republicans”

Beer Abby #31: NCAA Tournament Champions, Rush Limbaugh and Cold Beer

Beer Abby #30: John Carter, My Favorite Martian; Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice and Internet Piracy

BEER ABBY #29: “St. Patrick’s Day, Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Leprechauns”

BEER ABBY #28: “Bigfoot, Wolfman, Sheldon Moldoff and Bob Kane”

BEER ABBY #27: “2012 Oscar Wins, Eddie Murphy vs. Billy Crystal, Stan Lee and Leap Year”

Bru-Hed’s BEER ABBY #26: “2012 Oscar Predictions, and More Ghost Rider Crap”

BEER ABBY #25: “What Do Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Kate Upton, Ghost Rider, Nic Cage, Gary Friedrich and Kevin Smith Have In Common?”

BEER ABBY #24: “Who’s Already Tired Of Eli Manning And The Giants in Super Bowl XLVI?”

Beer Abby #23 - Tom Brady and the Patriots vs. Eli Manning and the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI plus Alan Moore vs. Giant-Man

Beer Abby #22 "The Most Boring Week Of The Season"

BEER ABBY #21: “SOPA, PIPA, Flacco, Ugoh And Other Fun Things To Say”

Beer Abby #20: Playing the Playoffs from New England to San Francisco

Beer Abby #19: “It’s 2012 But The World Can’t End Till After Football Season”